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The Owner of this apartment saw our website in January 2018 and purchased the property as he knew that with our expertise in fitting completely internal air conditioning units in city apartments we would be able to install them for him.

On purchasing and following a high level of refurbishment he contacted us. After forwarding a floor plan to us and meeting our Technical Director, Savva, on a business trip to London, we were able to send him a fully costed proposal with no hidden extras, which he was happy to proceed with. We were then able to reserve his systems from our build production.

A pre-install site survey was carried out and shortly after this the master bedroom, study, living area and dining area were fully air conditioned. The installs took two working days.

Our team of Install Engineers were able to install and connect two condensers in the hall laundry/utility room to the study,  living area and dining area cooling units, through ceiling voids and partition walls, completely hiding the refrigeration pipe work. The master bedroom condenser was discreetly installed in the adjoining dressing room area. There was no disruption to the existing décor in this completely finished apartment.

Watch this video explaining the Install:

No planning permission was required to fit our Cool You Air

Conditioning systems as everything was contained within the

interior of the apartment.


For this project we installed:

In Laundry/Utility Room

  • One 7kw Dual Split DC Inverter Water Cooled  Condenser


  • Study: 3.5kw (12,000btu) COOLING only High Wall Room Unit
  • Dining Area: 5.3kw (18,000btu) COOLING only High Wall Room Unit
  • One 7kw Mono DC Inverter Water Cooled  Condenser


  • Living Area: 7kw (24,000btu) COOLING only High Wall Room Unit

In Dressing Room Cupboard

  • One 3.5kw Mono DC Inverter Water Cooled  Condenser


  • Master Bedroom: 3.5kw (12,000btu) COOLING only High Wall Room Unit


At Cool You, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible service. Contact us and either our Managing Director Julian Peyser, or our Technical Director Savva Zacharia will be in touch within one working day to assist you.

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